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    • Art Educational Media Design for Emotional Development of Mentally-Retarded Children 

      พรธาราพงศ์, ยุวดี (2012-07-28)
      The purpose of the research was to study the art educational media design for the emotional development of mentally-retarded children. The principle of visual arts was used as a design concept. High relief pottery and ...
    • Art Educational Media Design to Emotional Development For Cerebral Palsy Children 

      พรธาราพงศ์, ยุวดี; ศิริพิชญ์ตระกูล, อาณัฎ; เรืองสมบัติ, มยุรี; ทองสุพล, มัณฑนา (2013-02-26)
      This research is to study new technique, method and pattern of tools which suit for Cerebral Palsy Children. It is also to support student in interesting, amusement, concentration in learning an activity of art. The nding ...
    • Process and form of reed mat for development of thai contemporary art furniture design 

      พรธาราพงศ์, ยุวดี; ศิริพิชญ์ตระกูล, อาณัฎ; เรืองสมบัติ, มยุรี; พิกุลทอง, ดรุณรัตน์ (2014-07-09)
      The study of Reed mat making process and develop the design into a Thai contemporary furniture style. This research is an experimental type and the research designs various functioned furniture. The inspiration come the ...