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    • Further Study Needed in Rajamangala Institute of Technology, Chotiwet Campus and The Characteristics of Graduates Needed by Business Enterprises in academic year 2003 

      พีรพัชระ, จุฑา; ธัญญไพโรจน์, ณิภาภรณ์; พลเยี่ยม, อุดมวิชช์; สุวรรณรักษ์, จอมขวัญ; เทพิน, สุริยา (2010-09-01)
      The research aimed to study the further study needed at diploma degree and bachelor degree and to investigate the haracteristics of graduates in diploma degree and bachelor degree in accordance with business Enterprises ...
    • The Learning Styles of Students of RIT, Chotiwet Campus 

      ตางาน, วิไลลักษณ์; พลเยี่ยม, อุดมวิชช์ (Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon, 2007-05-01)
      The research was to study and compare learning styles of students of the faculty of Home Economics, RIT Chotiwet Campus deviding into sex, department and level of education. The sample consisted of 249 students in the ...