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    • Effects of Blanching Khi Lek (Cassia siamea Lamk) Flowers in Brine on Qualities of Khi Lek Flower Tea 

      รัตนพันธุ์, บุณยกฤต; สิงห์คง, วชิระ; หาลี, เอนก; เทียงสันเทียะ, สุจิตตรา (2012-03-29)
      This research aims to study the effects of blanching Khi Lek (Cassia siamea Lamk) flowers in brine in order to improve the qualities of Khi Lek flower tea production. The study comprised two factors: (1) two-time intervals ...
    • Manufacturing valuation for the standards for community products in kamphaeng phet province 

      สิงห์คง, วชิระ; รัตนพันธุ์, บุณยกฤต; แดงเถิน, จำเนียร; ไชยทนุ, กิจจา (2015-05-21)
      The objective of this study is to upgrade the quality of community product manufacturers in Kamphaeng Phet province to the national and international level of the standard for community products by using a knowledge ...