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    • Mobile Test Systems Based on Sun's Light Controlled by a Microcontroller to Determine the Efficiency of Solar Cells 

      หลวงโภชน์, เอกลักษณ์; เนตรโพธิ์แก้ว, ศุภวุฒิ; นวกิจพิทักษ์, ทัศนัย; บุญเสนอ, อภิชาติ (2012-07-28)
      Current energy from sun made a significant contribution in the electricity manufacturing industry in Thailand. However, the potential application of solar energy are at the low level. The agency will need to make solar ...
    • Monitoring Controlled Car via a Computer with Wireless GPS Syste 

      เนตรโพธิ์แก้ว, ศุภวุฒิ; หวังสอาด, อภิวัฒน์; ศรีแจ่ม, ศิริศักดิ์; โปรดประโคน, วสันต์ (2013-02-26)
      Abstract The monitoring of controlled car via a computer with wireless GPS system project was invented to monitor a car via a computer with wireless GPS system that could send a car's coordination back to the controller ...