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    • Making handbag from kamar band for OTOP merchandise 

      Kongkachuichay, Soawaluck; Chooseng, Krittaporn; Pradub, Suwadee; Kaewwongsiri, Manit (2014-06-25)
      This research aims to study the production, selling, and applications of Kamar Band products (Pa-Koa-Ma) manufactured in a community. The Kamar Band was used to make different styles of bags, which will be sold as an OTOP ...
    • Study of utilization of waste silk yarn for making women accessories 

      Chooseng, Krittaporn; Pradub, Suwadee; Kongkachuichay, Soawaluck; Chavalekyangkul, Siraporn (2014-06-25)
      The objectives of this research are to use waste silk yarn for making women accessories and transfer the created technology to a women community in Surin Province. The required information for product design was collected. ...
    • Uniqueness and Form of the Rice - and - Curry Fast Food Type of Thai Restaurant Business in Southern Part of Thailand 

      Peeraphatchara, Chuta; Boonna, Pojanee; Chooseng, Krittaporn; Pradip Na Thalang, Suwan (2011-04-08)
      The research on uniqueness and form of the rice-and-curry fast-food type of Thai restaurant business in southern part of Thailand is a combined quantitative and qualitative research which aims to study the uniqueness of ...