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    • A study and development of solar hybrid energy dryer for pineapple leaf paper 

      Suwantaroj, Kullayot; Lakkam, Supachai (2014-12-11)
      This research was aimed to investigate for pineapple leaf paper drying. In this study process of drying the paper as a final step after the other. Paper drying time takes in solar energy to dry naturally for at least 2-3 ...
    • A study of crash box parameters referred to energy absorption 

      Voranavin, Vorawit; Boonyalai, Pichest; Lakkam, Supachai (2015-10-15)
      Nowadays, an automotive industry steadily has been growing and playing a major role on economy development for many years. The crash box is one of the most important parts for safety but it was found that the crash boxes ...
    • A study of muffler’s factor to reduce noise and conserve engine performance 

      Lakkam, Supachai; Boonyalai, Pichest (2015-10-15)
      Nowadays, the majority of environment problem is pollution of vehicle including the noise of engine combustion. For this reason, this thesis aims to compare and study the parameters which affect noise reduction on exhaust ...