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    • A Dynamic Associative e-learning model based on a spreading activation network 

      Nilas, Phongchai; Nilas, Nilamit; Mitatha, Somsak (IEEE, 2006-05)
      Presenting information to an e-learning environment is a challenge, mostly, because of the hypertext/hypermedia nature and the richness of the context and information provides. This paper proposes a dynamic semantic model ...
    • A Spreading Activation Approach for e-Commerce Site Selection System 

      Nilas, Nilamit; Nilas, Phongchai; Masakul, Kasiphan (2010-02-28)
      This paper presents a dynamic associative network model for e-commerce site selection system based on the psycholinguistic theories of human memory; Spreading Activation Network (SAN). The system is designed to give ...