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    • Natural dye printing via dry nipa palm shell 

      Luepong, Kanchana; Punyacharoennon, Phairat; Sarikanon, Chamlong; Texsamut, Nuchdoew (2014-12-16)
      The aim of this research is to study white and colour resist printing of dye extracted from dry nipa palm shell. The printing recipes and fixation condition were studied in this work. The result of white resist printing ...
    • Phosphonic Acid Functionalization of Hyperbranched Polyamidoamine Grafted Ultrafine Silica to Prepare the Flame Retardant for Cotton Fabric 

      Punyacharoennon, Phairat; Charuchinda, Sireerat; Srikulkit, Kawee (Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon, 2009-07-13)
      Grafting of hyperbranched polyamidoamine (PAMAM) dendrimer onto ultrafine silica followed by the introduction of phosphonic acid groups onto branch ends was carried out. First, an initiating site was incorporated into ...
    • Silk Degumming with Carica papaya Linn.'s Latex 

      Sasithorn, Nongnut; Luepong, Kanchana; Sarikanon, Chamlong; Jaroensapayanant, phichitphol; Punyacharoennon, Phairat (2010-08-07)
      Degumming process is a fundamental process for silk yam and silk fabric finishing. The main objective is scouring the substrate such as silk gum (sericin), wax and fatty acid from silk fiber. The principle of degumming ...