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    • Leadership of administrators in RIT, Chotiwet Campus 

      Sawekwiharee, Sangwoei; Polyium, Udom; Panya, Nipapron (2010-08-26)
      The objective of this research was to study leadership of administrators in Rajamangala Institute of Technology, Chotiwet campus, and to compare the leadership according to sex, age, educational level, working age, and ...
    • Odro removal product from cashew nut shell 

      Sawekwiharee, Sangwoei (2012-05-03)
      Research, aims to bring the waste. The cashew nut shell, the odor removal products. To reduce the use of chemicals. And reduce waste, agricultural waste and Community Research finds that The cashew nut shell. When buming ...
    • Potential energy of the fuel briquettes from mangosteen shell 

      Sawekwiharee, Sangwoei (2013-11-06)
      The objective of this research is to use mangosteen shell that from household wastes for produce the fuel briquette. This fuel is used in terms of renewable energy which instead of firewood and charcoal from natural ...