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    • A development of pineapple fibrous leaf washing machine 

      Thongkeaw, Somkieat; Supengcum, Rachadasak (2015-10-15)
      The old machine that is used to mix the fiber is an oval tank. Inside the tank is divided lengthwise into half and its paddle is flat and long like a file, and it is installed on one side of the tank only, so the flow of ...
    • Study of Ozone Generator with Electric Fields Distribution on Water Surface 

      Charlangsut, Aroon; Boonthienthong, Manat; Thongkeaw, Somkieat; Boonchiam, Paisan (ISH 2007, 2008-08-27)
      This paper proposes a study of an Ozone generator. The generator under the study is designed using the electrode with uniform field. The electrode is constructed in the plane shape with positive potential. The transformer ...