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    • Design of the deflection testing machine for fixed ended beam under uniformly distributed load 

      Boonmee, Polrut; Voranawin, Vorawit; Chartpuk, Prakorb (2013-11-06)
      This research is designing and construction an apparatus of deflection of fixed end beam under uniformly distribution load. SolidWorks program is used for structure designing and CosmosWorks program is used for strength ...
    • Fatigue Analysis and Design of reform using Finite Element Method 

      Chartpuk, Prakorb; Voranawin, Vorawit; Fongsamootr, Thongchai (2011-08-22)
    • Robusta coffee bean separator machine 

      Boonmee, Polrat; Voranawin, Vorawit; Mongkonlerdmanee, Songwut (2011-08-29)
      In the procedure processes of Robusta coffee initial from bring the green coffee after dried and removed the outside shell and bring it to separating process. The sale price depends on the size of green coffee. If their ...
    • Tamarind Mixing Machine 

      Voranawin, Vorawit (2010-09-03)
      In Thailand, the many agricultural products are exported to the world market. The dry foodstuff is very popular to transfigure for value increasing. The tamarind paste can be processed to many products such as stirred ...