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    • Modeling and Forecasting the Demand for Automotive Part of Foreign Markets to Thailand 

      Wirotcheewan, Prasert; Kengpol, Athakorn; Ishii, Kazuyoshi; Shimada, Youichi (2010-11-19)
      The problem of this research is automotive part companies do not have order because of the world economic crisis and effect to automotive industry. Automotive and automotive parts demand in the world decrease. Automotive ...
    • Snake Skin Gourami Washer 

      Wirotcheewan, Prasert (2010-08-17)
      This research aims to build the prototype of Pia-Salid (Snake-Skin Gourami) cleaner. At present, Pla-Salid is one of economic animals and is also one of small medium enterprises in Thailand. Pia-Salid traders require to ...