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    • Recycling of tools Scrap 

      Wongsisa, Saharat; Pokterng, Singkaew; Chomsamut, Kompun (2010-08-26)
      This research is to study the recycle process of hard materials, high hardness type, and cemented carbide produced by press forming and sintering process included cemented carbide mixed with tungsten carbide, cobalt, ...
    • Sub-zero & Cryogenic Treatment for Mechanical Effectiveness Improved by Domestically-Produced End Mills. 

      Wongsisa, Saharat; Pokteng, Singkaew; Chomsuntom, Kompan (2010-08-26)
      Product development of End Mills AISI M42 tool steels products by cryogenics treatments after process by heating system through austenite structure had been conducted in order to increase effectiveness of wear resistance ...