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    • A Study of Feasibility in Shockproof Production from Bagasse 

      กิจจะวัฒนะ, อัญชลี; งามสุทธิ, วิมลพร; เจริญทรัพยานันท์, พิชิตพล (2011-04-05)
      Bagasse is a load of waste of caster sugar industry about 20 millions tons per year, over 80 percents are used to be fuel and raw materials for the other industries. Anyhow, much more bagasse is abundant. Then, attention ...
    • The Use of Polycationic Agent to Modify the Dyeing Behaviour of Direct Dyes on Cotton Fabric 

      เจริญทรัพยานันท์, พิชิตพล; สนธิสมบัติ, อภิชาติ (Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon, 2009-03-01)
      In the current practice, cotton fabric is predominantly dyed with direct dyes in the presence of a considerable amount of electrolyte (Salt) to reduce negative charge on fiber surface. Thus, the high concentration (40-100 ...