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    • Machine physical therapy cervical spondylossis 

      เจียรสุวรรณ, เสกสรรค์; สัมมัตตะ, ชูธง (2015-05-20)
      Machine Physical Therapy Cervical Spondylossis to create a pull back and pull the neck up of Machine Physical Therapy Cervical Spondylossis. There are two parts for the conventional system: the neck and the back but the ...
    • Machine to press coconut oil to work continuous 

      Paengteerasukkamai, Plangwath (2013-11-06)
      Research this project invents for design and build a cooking oven , Machine to press coconut oil to work continuous and were to create and efficiency validation of Machine for built. Start to scrape continuous , ...
    • Main Causes and Prevention of Occupational Slipping Tripping and Falling in Thailand 

      Srisila, Chalermkiet; Bunterngchit, Yuthachai (2010-11-19)
      The purpose of this study was aimed to identify the main causes and prevention of occupational slipping, tripping and falling in Thailand. The results revealed that number of the accidents caused by the occupational slipping, ...
    • Making handbag from kamar band for OTOP merchandise 

      Kongkachuichay, Soawaluck; Chooseng, Krittaporn; Pradub, Suwadee; Kaewwongsiri, Manit (2014-06-25)
      This research aims to study the production, selling, and applications of Kamar Band products (Pa-Koa-Ma) manufactured in a community. The Kamar Band was used to make different styles of bags, which will be sold as an OTOP ...
    • Malekcaboke cookies 

      Bunna, Photchanee; Sahaspot, Sunee; Khuikhoen, Wassana; Thedkwanchai, Sumapar (2014-06-24)
      The purpose of Malekcaboke Cookies is reciprocation malekcaboke in 4 levels : 25% 50% 75% and 100% of the weight of cashews nut in Refrigerates Cookies And study 4 levels : 25% 50% 75% and 100% ...
    • Management information systems for the building 

      Jaruvarakul, Nivat; Petchkeaw, Petcharaporn; Kulthararom, Sompoch; Netsakulnee, Noppanun (2015-06-05)
      This paper presents an Information system for the management of the building and location. By the building, Class room, Timetable Schedule, Photos building and Photo structure for building put on to collect the necessary ...
    • Management of credit risk for sustainability of army welfare department savings and credit cooperative limited 

      Pareshee, Ratanaporn; รตนภร แพรสี (2016-09-05)
      The objective of this study was to investigate Management of Credit Risk for Sustainability of Army Welfare Department Savings and Credit Cooperative Limited. The data were collected through the interviews with executives ...
    • Management of textile and fashion Knowledeg center based on culture community by faculty of industrial textiles and fashion design Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon 

      Taechotirote, Duangsuda (2013-08-15)
      Management of education that corresponds with community culture and creates awareness in cultural conservation must base on the study of human lifestyle and various dimensions of relationship between human and community; ...
    • Management of Tourist Attraction : In Case of Wat Takien Floating Market , Bangkruai District, Nonthaburi Province 

      Taiwan, Anong (2014-07-16)
      The objective of this research is to study about circumstance of WatTakien Floating Market community for sustainable management and consider factors which affect to its management scheme. The representative samples are ...
    • Management of waste from the laboratory faculty of pharmacy mahidol university 

      จินากุล, นันทวรรณ; ทิมอ่ำ, กาญจนา; จันทร์ต้น, ดวงใจ; กนกแก้ว, กวีวุฒิ; อยู่ยง, สุรินทร์; รัตนวิจิตร์, ประดิษฐา; คำมานิตย์, รักษิณีย์; นาคสง่า, รัตนา; ทองใบน้อย, วิไลวรรณ; พรมดวงศรี, กฤษณะ; บุญเปล่ง, อุบลวรรณ (2015-06-09)
      The purpose of this research was to develope the laboratory waste management and provide this knowledge to the students and the research assistants of Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University by using the methodology of ...
    • Manpower demand and characteristics of software personnel in Thailand 

      Mayoungpong, Aree (2012-04-20)
      The objectives of this research are to study manpower demand, characteristics of software personnel and the development trend of software industry. Both quantitative and qualitative approaches are applied by using questionnaire ...
    • Manual File upload 

      Somboonpattanakit, Chavalit (2010-05-19)
      คู่มือการใช้งานโปรแกรมการนำไฟล์เอกสารขึ้น Website RMUTP file upload
    • Manual OmniStack LS6224 

      Somboonpattanakit, Chavalit (2010-02-20)
      This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for Class A digital device pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference ...
    • Manual Phonebook 

      Somboonpattanakit, Chavalit (2010-05-19)
    • Manual RMUTP Calendar 

      Somboonpattanakit, Chavalit (2010-05-19)
    • Manual Work Report 

      Somboonpattanakit, Chavalit (2010-05-19)
    • Manufacturing valuation for the standards for community products in kamphaeng phet province 

      สิงห์คง, วชิระ; รัตนพันธุ์, บุณยกฤต; แดงเถิน, จำเนียร; ไชยทนุ, กิจจา (2015-05-21)
      The objective of this study is to upgrade the quality of community product manufacturers in Kamphaeng Phet province to the national and international level of the standard for community products by using a knowledge ...
    • Market Opportunity for SME Thai Herbal Health Care Cosmetics in Thai Elderly 

      Moongvicha, Sasaphon; ศศพร มุ่งวิชา (2017-11-09)
      This research aims for study 1) the relationship of market opportunity for Thai SMEs herbal cosmetics in elderly market that effect to marketing strategies for Thai SMEs herbal cosmetics in elderly market 2) the relationship ...
    • Marketing communications to influencing buying decision at Tesco Lotus for consumers in Bangkok 

      Monchaiya, Thanaporn (2017-08-10)
      The objectives of the research were 1) to study marketing communications buying behavior, and buying decision of consumers Tesco Lotus in Bangkok 2) to compare demographic characteristics with buying decision of consumers, ...
    • Marketing and Competitive Advantages for Handicraft Entrepreneurs in Songkhla 

      มารังกูร, วีราวรรณ; ชุมศรี, ปรีชญา (Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon, 2007-09-01)
      This research aimed to study the marketing of handicrafts from sugar palm fiber and the strategies to enhance compatible marketing and study sugar palm fiber products' market and analyze the competition to increase the ...