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    • Analysis of Stress Concentration That Occurs in the Reform with Finite Element Method 

      วรนาวิน, วรวิทย์; เหลืองสด, สมชาย; ชาติภุกต์, ประกอบ (2011-04-05)
      This research analyzes the concentration of stress that occurs in the reform by a finite element method. The reform looks like C-clamp used in the compression rear axial drive’s flange. SolidWorks and Cosmos programs are ...
    • A Modeling of Heat Transfer in Cooling Coil using Finite Element Method 

      Puangcharoenchai, Somjin (2010-11-30)
      In general for the refrigeration, the cooling coil is almost used to be the device to decrease the temperature. Thus, in order to design heat exchange, we should study the heat transfer into the cooling coil. This research ...