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    • Logistics and supply chain apply to construction 

      จันทนา, ขวัญชัย; ตันติเมฆิน, พุฒิเศรษฐ์; จันทนา, กัณฐิกา (2015-06-09)
      The implementation process and the supply chain transporting products used in construction. This is the process involves moving and storage, distribution, production planning and delivery. It is activities related to the ...
    • A System Dynamics Model to Analyze Behavior of Manufacturing in Supply Chain 

      Vashirawongpinyo, Paitoon (2010-11-18)
      This research offers. The system dynamics study of supply chain processes in the manufacturing industry. The production is made-up of make to order from the building stock and flow with the fourth cycle and parameters ...