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    • Pore Structure Changes of Blended Cement Pastes Containing Fly Ash, Rice Husk Ash, and Palm Oil Fuel Ash Caused by Carbonation 

      Chindaprasirt, Prinya; Rukzon, Sumrerng (JOURNAL OF MATERIALS IN CIVIL ENGINEERING, 2009)
      In this paper, the effects of carbonation on pore structure of blended pozzolan cement pastes were investigated. Ordinary Portland cement _OPC_ was partially replaced with ground palm oil fuel ash _POA_, ground rice husk ...
    • Utilization of sludge from power plant as cement substitution 

      ทิพยศักดิ์, กรองแก้ว; บุญรอด, ชนกนันท์; ทิวาพัฒน์, สุนิสา; อัศวานันท์, อารดา (2015-06-09)
      The feasibility of wastewater treatment sludge from the power plant was studied as cement substituted material. The sludge were used as the air dried sample and the oven dried sludge at 300o C. Their properties, then the ...