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    • Design and develop the style of apparel from Surin's silk under design and develop textile products from Surin's silk from folk wisdom to international 

      Numahun, Pojana; Thangtham, Usa; Sutesung, Suree (2012-05-18)
      The purport of this research was to design and develop the garment pattern from Surin silk and relay the pattern action training in Technology. This research was the developmental research, The tolls of the research were ...
    • The design of floating house for use in thailand 

      จันทนา, ขวัญชัย; ด้วงผึ้ง, สิปปะ; เหลาโชติ, วรัญญู (2015-06-09)
      This research is about analyzing the design of floating houses including area function, structure and construction materials. Floating houses design are energy saving and security. The materials must be strong and durable. ...
    • Water Hycinth Weaving Loom Development 

      Suwanakeree, Sumpas; Promlawan, Kamol (2012-05-18)
      This research has been object to development weaving machine, Equipment for weft. Design weave and Instruct technology give community. By make up weaving machine be able to ten, The construct equipment for weft to tightness ...