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    • Compressive testing of compound material under difference temperatures 

      Boonme, Polrut; Mongkonlerdmanee, Songwut; Lakkam, Supachai (2014-12-11)
      Brake system is used the friction between disk and pads. In the driving conditions, the brake behavior from the driver is difference. Based on this reason, the damage on disk and pads are occurring. Nowadays, the ratio of ...
    • Friction coefficient of brake testing 

      Mokthaisong, Prueg; Phokaew, Amornsak; Chuamjai, Kosit; Kunpai, Suchacree (2018-07-21)
      Nowadays, the automotive industry in Thailand has been widely growing. Brake pad is one of the automotive products that play a vital role in automotive industry because it is the most critical seeurity part. Consequently, ...