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    • Development of hydrogen producing inoculum from cow dung for hydrogen production from food waste 

      โพชกำเหนิด, นพดล; โอทอง, สมพงศ์ (2015-06-09)
      The aim of this research was to develop a process for making an inoculum from cow dung. Consequently, the inoculum together with food waste was employed to produce hydrogen gas. A total of four different inoculums were ...
    • Review of the addition of hydrogen to the compressed natural Gas Fuel 

      เวชกิจ, สราวุธ; ปั่นด้วง, เรืองเดช; พรหมกร, ณัฏฐพร; ศิริพุฒ, พีรายา; อัชวังกุล, เยาวธีร; จุลละโพธิ, บรรยงวุฒิ (2014-11-14)
      This article presents a collection of studies relating to the development of technologies using hydrogen with compressed natural gas or Hydrogen-enriched Compressed Natural Gas (HCNG). Regarding to the issues of mixing ...