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    • Fabrication of lead-free ferroelectric ceramics from bismuth sodium potassium titanate based systems 

      Leenakul, Wilaiwan; วิไลวรรณ ลีนะกุล; Kruea-in, Chatchai; ฉัตรชัย เครืออินทร์; Sawekwharee, Sangwoei; สังเวย เสวกวิหารี (2020-02-19)
      The research project investigated the effects of CoO additive on dielectric, ferroelectric, physical and mechanical properties of modified Bi0.5(Na0.81,K0.19)0.5TiO3 ceramics were investigated. The samples were synthesized ...
    • Roofing sheets from recycled materials 

      Lokitsathaporn, Chaisorn; Jaroenyo, Rampueng; Naumtim, Jakarin; ชัยศร โลกิตสถาพร; ราพึง เจริญยศ; จักรินทร์ น่วมทิม (2561-08-20)
      The purpose of this project is to study the mechanical and physical properties of recycled roofing materials. The pulp extracted from the UHT beverage boxes to get aluminum foil mixed with low density polyethylene. This ...