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    • Development and improvement of rubber press machine with wrought pattern 

      Choosit, Pakamas; ผกามาศ ชูสิทธิ์; Nilas, Nilamit; นิลมิต นิลาศ (2020-02-19)
      This continued 2nd year researchaims to study the development of the para rubber press machine with wrought pattern for continued 2nd-year. Used natural para rubber mixed in a Ta-kuong by normally practical para rubber ...
    • Preparation film spa from para rubber (hevea brasiliensis) 

      มีลาภสม, รัฐพล; พันธ์สมบูรณ์, สายัญ (2015-06-05)
      The objective of this research were investigated for preparing a film of rubber for use in the spa business. It was a formula for the excellence of the film, the study included the topic of different concentrations of ...