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    • Development of thermal insulation properties of concrete roof tile by using para latex 

      Boontositrakul, Kittiphan; Suweero, Kittipong; กิตติพันธ์ บุญโตสิตระกูล; กิตติพงษ์ สุวีโร (2561-08-20)
      The purpose of this research is to improve the physical and mechanicalqualities of natural rubber latex tiles. Water: surfactant: surfactant: 1: 2.75: 0.03: 0.30:0.03: 0.04 by weight and added with natural latex. In the ...
    • Utilization of ceramic tile waste for light weight interlocking brick product to promote community enterprise 

      Jarunvorakunvong, Adisorn; อดิศร จรัลวรกูลวงศ์; Choosit, Pakamas; ผกามาศ ชูสิทธิ์ (2020-01-28)
      The objective of this research is to study about physical, mechanical, and thermal insulation properties of light-weighted cement interlocking brick mixed with tile waste. The ratio of aggregates (sand: kaolin powder: ...