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    • The construction and finding of the efficiency of experimental set for development learning skills fluid mechanics 

      Jarunvorakunvong, Adisorn; Lokitsathaporn, Chaisorn; Chenjitsiri, Amnat; อดิศร จรัลวรกูลวงศ์; ชัยศร โลกิตสถาพร; อำนาจ เจนจิตศิริ (2561-08-20)
      The Experiment Set of Pipe’s Loss Flow is intended to design and create a trial version of the loss of flow in the pipe and the objective is to find the speed of the flow through the pipe by reading the difference of ...
    • Roofing sheets from recycled materials 

      Lokitsathaporn, Chaisorn; Jaroenyo, Rampueng; Naumtim, Jakarin; ชัยศร โลกิตสถาพร; ราพึง เจริญยศ; จักรินทร์ น่วมทิม (2561-08-20)
      The purpose of this project is to study the mechanical and physical properties of recycled roofing materials. The pulp extracted from the UHT beverage boxes to get aluminum foil mixed with low density polyethylene. This ...