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    • The designing of ๒ harness loom to develop the community products for commercialization 

      Yabdee, Sudakan; Ariyakuare, Kittisak; Sarikanon, Cholthicha; Wansopa, Nittaya (2018-08-09)
      The purposes of this research were to design and create the weaving machine to ๒-๔ heddles for small sample weaves were not over ๒๓ inches width. It brought to use striped woven community sample to develop commercial ...
    • Water Hycinth Weaving Loom Development 

      Suwanakeree, Sumpas; Promlawan, Kamol (2012-05-18)
      This research has been object to development weaving machine, Equipment for weft. Design weave and Instruct technology give community. By make up weaving machine be able to ten, The construct equipment for weft to tightness ...