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    • The designing of ๒ harness loom to develop the community products for commercialization 

      Yabdee, Sudakan; Ariyakuare, Kittisak; Sarikanon, Cholthicha; Wansopa, Nittaya (2018-08-09)
      The purposes of this research were to design and create the weaving machine to ๒-๔ heddles for small sample weaves were not over ๒๓ inches width. It brought to use striped woven community sample to develop commercial ...
    • Eng : Design dyed silk yarn and cotton yarn semi-automatic to develop the community. Folk Crafts Centre Na Pho Buri Ram 

      Ariyakuare, Kittisak; Yabdee, Sudakan (2018-08-19)
      The purposes of this research were to design and create dyed silk yarn and cotton yarn machine for community enterprises of Ban Na Pho woven group, Na Pho district, Buriram province. All materials were made of stainless ...
    • Knowledge management prototypes household textiles pillows 

      Yabdee, Sudakan; สุดากาญจน์ แยบดี; Ariyakuare, Kittisak; กิตติศักดิ์ อริยะเครือ; Chananthawaree, Sujitra; สุจิตรา ชนันทวารี; Krajangpo, Wipada; วิภาดา กระจ่างโพธิ์ (2020-02-17)
      The purposes this research were: 1) to develop the activity packages on home textile pillow products forming process for textile product design students division the efficiency of 80/80 2) to compare academic achievement ...