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    • A study of behaviors in using social media for 3D subject of the university lecturers in Bangkok 

      Srifar, Donlaporn; Sumathathikom, Nattapon; ดลพร ศรีฟ้า; ณัฐภณ สุเมธอธิคม (2561-07-21)
      The research titled “Studying of social network usage behavior by university lecturers in Bangkok for teaching 3D computer subjects” aims to find out how useful social network is to the teaching of 3D computer subjects as ...
    • Virtual reality for tourism promoting of koh pha-ngan 

      Srifar, Donlaporn; ดลพร ศรีฟ้า (2020-08-20)
      This quantitative research aimed to promote 360 degree virtual Reality tourism of Ko Pha Ngan, Surat Thani province. The research is presented virtual reality 360 degree with moving the camera 360 degree and still the ...