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    • Development of golden bean powder substitute for almond powder in macaron 

      Daowpised, Thanyaread; ธัญญาเรศ ดาวพิเศษ; Kaotira, Ananya; อณัญญา เกาฏีระ (2020-09-05)
      The purpose of this study is to study a proper quantity of golden bean powder in 4 different levels: 25, 50, 75, and 100 of the amount of almond powder, to study the amount of nutrients in a macaron which made of golden ...
    • Product development of Macarons from Sacha inchi 

      Kanoklerdrit, Tanisorn; ฐานิศร กนกเลิศฤทธิ์ (2020-03-29)
      The purposes of this research were to study the base recipe of Macaron, to study the type and amount of Sacha inchi nuts instead of using almond powder in the base formula of Macaron, to study the filling taste, nutrition ...
    • Supplementation of Fiber in Macaron Product with Sangyod Rice Bran 

      Bunyasawat, Jetniphat; Bhoosem, Chakkrawut (2014-06-26)
      The objective of this research to study the three formula basic of macarons , amount of Sangyod Rice Bran usage in macarons product and nutritional composition of macarons product. The sensory evaluate of three formula ...