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    • Temperature Reduction in Hydroponic Planting System Using Heat Pipe 

      Suttiprapa, Paramet; Sakulchangsatjatai, Phurt; Insalud, Nednapa; Terdtoon, Pradit (2010-11-19)
      This paper presents an establishment of a mathematical model to determine the optimal size of heat pipe (thermosyphon) heat exchanger for reduce the inlet air temperature in evaporative cooling system of greenhouse. The ...
    • Traditional Knowledge Based Ecotourism in Bali 

      Harmini, Anak Agung (Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon, 2009-07-13)
      The global tourism industry has been slow to respond to major environmental changes and critical conservation needs of the 21st. The Balinese industry is no exception. It is poorly equipped to deal with environmental change. ...