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    • The study and development lightweight growing media by banana tree to use a vertical garden 

      Klaywises, Noppadol; นพดล คล้ายวิเศษ; Sawangmake, Saranyoo; ศรัณยู สว่างเมฆ; Ansongkhram, Ruchiwan; รุจิวรรณ อันสงคราม (2020-01-19)
      The study and Development Lightweight growing media by banana tree to use a Vertical garden.To create thermal comfort for building users are the main factors causing the air conditioning. The cause of the electrical ...
    • The study natural materials to product design for tree planting 

      Sawangmake, Saranyoo; ศรัณยู สว่างเมฆ (2020-01-19)
      The Study Natural Materials to Product Design for Tree Planting. Studying natural materials To design a product for a tree Study on utilization of natural materials. Study and development of natural materials and ratios ...