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    • The evaluation of visually impaired people’s toilets to design criteria 

      Intachang, Tanyatron; ธัญญธร อินทร์ท่าฉาง; Phooyam, Srisuda; ศรีสุดา ภู่แย้ม; Jatunam, Tam; ธรรม จตุนาม; Janejitvanich, Janejira; เจนจิรา เจนจิตรวาณิช (2020-09-12)
      This research aims to evaluate performance, ease of use and security of designer bathroom for People with Visual Impairment. To establish criteria for designing bathrooms for people with visual impairment, convenient and ...
    • Prevention of bacterial growth in extract guavas leaves paper for food packaging 

      Intachang, Tanyatron; Phooyam, Srisuda; Limpapirn, Peeratt (2018-07-01)
      In this study The paper aims to produce extracts from guava leaves. For use in food packaging. And to test their ability to inhibit bacteria. Staphylococcus aureus paper extracts from guava leaves. Because the bacteria ...
    • Project design electronics book ; Subject fundamental of drawing the structure of paperboard packaging 

      Intachang, Tanyatron; Phooyam, Srisuda; Limpaporn, Peeratt (2018-07-01)
      Research to develop the studying in the form of E-Book “Subject Fundamental of Drawing the structure of Paperboard Packaging” is done to evaluate the quality of the E-Book and the reaction of the students. The subjects for ...