Recent Submissions

  • Process and form of reed mat for development of thai contemporary art furniture design 

    พรธาราพงศ์, ยุวดี; ศิริพิชญ์ตระกูล, อาณัฎ; เรืองสมบัติ, มยุรี; พิกุลทอง, ดรุณรัตน์ (2014-07-09)
    The study of Reed mat making process and develop the design into a Thai contemporary furniture style. This research is an experimental type and the research designs various functioned furniture. The inspiration come the ...
  • Natural ventilation design guidelines for green chemistry laboratories 

    กันเกตุ, นุกูล; ยิ้มประยูร, ชนิกานต์; ทักขนนท์, ภัทรนันท์ (2014-07-08)
    This study focuses on appropriate opening design of natural ventilation for green chemistry laboratories in Thailand. Even though natural ventilation is an alternative way to save energy from using air conditionings, ...