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  • To define the key performance indicators and factors affecting the sustainable success of the fast dining business in Thawes area, Bangkok 

    Bhuapisit, Patcharinporn; Chaiwan, Watcharaporn; พัชรินทร์พร ภู่อภิสิทธิ์; วัชราภรณ์ ชัยวรรณ (2015)
    The objectives of this research are to study factors affecting the sustainable success and define the key performance indicators. The research instruments used for data-gathering were semi-structured interview. The results ...
  • Analysis of long-term relationship among stock markets from ASEAN trading linkage: after integration 

    Phunithet, Apinya; อภิญญา ภู่นิเทศ (2014)
    The study on the analysis of long-term relationship among stock markets from ASEAN trading linkage: After Integration was aimed to investigate its long-term relationships as well as the short-term adjustability to establish ...
  • Testing the ceramics using for making the wall of energy conservation building 

    Tunprawat, Chanon | ชานนท์ ตันประวัติ; Srijantuek, Kiattipong | เกียรติพงษ์ ศรีจันทึก; Anamwettayanon, Chukiat | ชูเกียรติ อนันต์เวทยานนท์; Kamonnarakit, Santi | สันติ กมลนรากิจ; Thongsri, Kornpong | กรณ์พงศ์ ทองศรี (Rajamangala University of Technology Phra NaKhon, 2554)
    This research aims to study and test a ceramic product in using to constructs a wall. This research is based on a previous studying to develop a ceramic product that saves the energy in the building. The early test shows ...
  • DSpace 5.x Documentation 

    Somboonpattanakit, Chavalit (DSpace, 2016-02-08)
    DSpace is an open source software platform that enables organisations to: - capture and describe digital material using a submission workflow module, or a variety of programmatic ingest options - distribute an ...
  • Media Influences and Factors Affecting Exercise Behavior of Elders in Bangkok Metropolis 

    Sirivongpakhon, Sukee (2013-07-30)
    The purposes of this study were 1) to study exercise behavior and media exposures 2) to compare personal factors with exercise behavior and 3) to study the media influences and factors affecting exercise behavior of the ...

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