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  • The quality function development for electric generator product developing from air conditioner condensing unit 

    Kanjanathaworn, Tanakorn; ธนกร กาญจนถาวร (2023-08-21)
    This research had the objective to design and develop power production from daily life leftovers for their highest benefit of utilization by using the principle of quality function development and power generator that ...
  • Community behavior and perception related to corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities of WHA industrial zone, Saraburi 

    Petchdee, Kanwara; กัญญ์วรา เพชรดี (2023-08-21)
    The research objective is to study the behavior and community perceptions related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities of WHA Industrial Zone, Saraburi. The population is the 400 samples from the communities ...
  • Marketing mix factors (7Ps) affecting thai passengers' decision to use domestic airlines service at suvarnabhumi airport 

    Khamwilai, Khanittha; ขนิษฐา ขาวิลัย (2023-08-21)
    The research objective was to study the market mix factors (7Ps) that affect the decision to use the domestic airline service of Thai passengers at Suvarnabhumi Airport. The population used in the study was Thai passengers ...
  • Constrution of portable DC to AC voltage converter 

    Ruengmit, Prajak; ประจักษ์ เริงมิตร; RuenNgew, Nontakorn; นนทกร เรืองงิ้ว; Juikong, Alongkorn; อลงกรณ์ จุ้ยคง (2023-08-21)
    As the world's energy resources are currently insufficient to meet human needs, energy-saving and energy-efficient appliances have to be invented that are readily available and accessible to everyone. To have enough energy ...
  • Electric Bicycle with Solar Panels 

    Chuchuey, Nitit; นิธิศ ชูช่วย; Hrimchum, Jirapat; จิรภัทร์ หริ่มฉ่ำ; kanthawil, Athicha; อธิชา การถวิล (2023-08-21)
    This project presents an electric bicycle equipped with Solar Cell, which will charge the battery with a solar panel. To be used to drive electric bicycles, electric bicycles can be powered by two systems that are powered ...

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